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"Your home can replace you with the whole world, the whole world will never replace your home"

"In Invest Dom conducts activities with full commitment in the field of services provided based on a carefully prepared sales

 or rental strategy. We treat each order (without exception) individually and we approach it comprehensively.

 We always work in favor of the client."


Honesty at every level in both strictly business and partner relationships. We are honest with each other,  in relations with clients,

business partners. We believe in stable relationships based on honesty, trust and loyalty.


Commitment and positive energy accompanies us in the cooperation phase. With full responsibility, we claim that regardless 

of your condition and situation, we will find any solution.


We are not afraid of bearing responsibility for the matters entrusted to us or declarations made. Our honesty, loyalty and experience, 

approves the conscious strategy that guides your cause to the intended purpose.


We believe that the high quality of our services is the key to the success of both our clients and ourselves. Our team, business partners and other services 

undergo strict verification, therefore we guarantee with full responsibility that cooperation with us is always associated with high quality.

We like what we do

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Special offers

Od 1928r. ostoją Beskidu Niskiego! "Nasza Polana"

Price 895 000 zł

Działki budowlane na wzniesieniach "Pod Borem" w Strzeszynie!

Price 59 000 zł

Bestseller Beskidu Niskiego, Wołowiec!

Price 1 450 000 zł

Wyjątkowy dom na obrzeżach miasta Gorlice!

Price 970 000 zł

Obiekt handlowo-usługowy w Gorlicach

Price 4 100 000 zł